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From The Training Manager’s Desk

Research has established that the brain has a highly robust and well developed capacity to change in response to environmental demands. The degree of adaptation depends on the type of learning that is taking place, with long-term learning leading to more profound modification. It is said that the most profound period of learning occurs from birth to about seven as that is said to be the period when children experience extraordinary growth in the brain, hence the importance of Early Childhood Development (ECD).

The learning environment is crucial to the learning process. Environmental factors conducive to improved brain functioning are everyday matters – the quality of social environment and Interactions, nutrition, physical exercise and sleep – all are too obvious but are so easily over looked in their impact on what we call education.

The poet Dorothy Law Nolte says Children learn what they live, and that in my mind sums up what ECD is all about. ECD creates a world with a certain set of skills, values and attitudes that children absorb for life.  In my opinion there are four broad sets that need to be embraced as they form the core of ECD, these are namely: Personal Development, Diversity, Education and Citizenship. These core elements cover the following aspects for me

  • Personal Development- Personal development in ECD should be about facilitating the development of a positive attitude for each child by instilling self belief, innovation, ethics, perseverance and accountability in each and every child.  This aspect should also facilitate the development and adoption of a healthy life style.
  • Diversity- We live in a very diverse world and ECD should assist children to explore the variety, the differences, the sameness  we have, with the aim of facilitating an understanding  of why we have such diversity. This should instill tolerance and respect for one another.
  • Education – It is said education is an act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. In ECD education should be about facilitating activities that will create these formative effects. These activities should include among others, activities that assists children to be critical and creative thinkers, problem solvers and effective communicators. This knowledge once acquired at an early age equips them with 21st century skills which they will utilise in all aspects of their lives.
  • Citizenship- Citizenship is about assisting children make their own decisions and take responsibilities for their own lives and the lives of the communities they come from. In ECD this entails facilitating activities that foster individual pride in being who we are whilst instilling cooperation, responsibility and generosity.

The field of ECD is ever growing and as such should be generating valuable new knowledge to inform educational policy and practice. Currently the trends suggest the need for holistic approaches which recognise the close inter-dependence of physical and intellectual well-being and the close interplay of the emotional and cognitive, the analytical and the creative arts. There are no “critical periods” when learning must take place but there are “sensitive periods” when the individual is particularly primed to engage in specific learning activities.

“Encourage your child to do things for themself.

Don’t stop them from becoming independent because they seem clumsy, slow or messy.

All the things you think are mistakes and clumsiness is actually necessary stages in becoming skilled and poised”.

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